PBEM Football


Ever wanted to be a football manager?

Do you fancy yourself as the next Jose Mourinho, the tactical genius who oozes class? Or how about the laid back Bobby Robson? Do you reckon you can achieve the greatness of Matt Busby or Bob Paisley? Or even the over-the-top Barry Fry for some strange reason? Well, you've come to the wrong place; yes, the wrong place.

You've come to SNIFL, the place where it's best just to be yourself. Although the SNIFL is a football management game, its all about the community. We have around 48 managers from all four corners of the globe, from the UK to Aus, from the US to Holland, from Sweden to Canada and also a few Scots... shame I had to spoil things at the end huh?

SNIFL has a long standing community, some who have been there since the year 2000 when SNIFL started! We are now in Season 15 and have many memories of the previous seasons. Who could ever forget the rickdance? Or even the condom hat? Wondering what its all about? Join the community and find out!

SNIFL is a simple yet effective PBEM (Play by E-Mail). The SNIFL concept is easy to understand but you can take that understanding to any level you want depending on how much time you want to devote to it. It uses the ESMS/ESMS+ software originally created by Eli Bendersky and later modified by Darren McKee.

All aspects of football are part of SNIFL, from selecting the team, negotiating player transfers and managing the bank balance. But thats not all - why dont you check out the club pages? Or maybe your struggling to find new talent; time to hire a scout? Or maybe your youth players aren't developing quite how you wanted? Well, send them to the Youth League. But just make sure you do well, because the board wont be happy if you dont achieve this seasons objectives!

To join the SNIFL all you need is an understanding of football and an active e-mail account. For more information drop our league commisioner an email and he'll reply when he gets back from the pub! Oh, dont worry, he's just picking his missus up, thats all.

For more information drop our league commissioner an email.